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loch doon


The name Craigmalloch comes from a settlement in the Galloway Hills
in south west Scotland.

It is also a small farmstead on the banks of Loch Doon.
The Craigmalloch name evokes all benevolent aspects of sheep herding.
The name Craigmalloch encompasses:

Craigmalloch Farm

Has a small flock of Scottish Blackface Sheep living off natural pasture and are bred and cared for naturally to improve the breed.
The highly sought Scottish Blackface wool is used in Axeminster Carpets and Harris Tweed.
This long fibered wool has become a great interest with hand spinners.
The Scottish Blackface ram horns are sought by stick dressers for use in shepherd’s crooks and are used in Craigmalloch Crooks.

Craigmalloch Border Collies are line bred from old almost lost blood lines to produce dogs which are able and want to herd sheep
with 1 World champion more than 30 ISDS supreme champions 4 USBCHA Champions and
more than 100 ISDS National champions and stud dogs in their pedigrees.

Craigmalloch Crooks are quality, handmade horn crooks. They are made by traditional methods, not using jigs, therefore each one is unique.
Craigmalloch are proud to be in partnership with Forza10 dog food promoting developing and most importantly feeding this excellent food to all our dogs.




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